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Ethernet Transport
Seamlessly Connect Multiple Locations to Access Critical Applications

Wave Business offers VPN choices that provide the performance and bandwidth you need, at significant cost savings compared to private lines and other legacy WAN solutions. Leveraging our fault-tolerant IP/MPLS backbone, Wave Business has created a suite of VPN services that can securely connect your corporate metro networks and help ensure your critical traffic has destination-certain delivery.


Across Town or Across the Country

Wave Business' E-VPN service is available for connections within markets or inter-market.



Prioritizing Your Most Important Traffic

Wave Business' IP/MPLS Backbone helps ensure the best possible performance for its customers. In those rare situations where the connection at your locations does experience congestion, or we experience an event in the core network, you’ll want a way to make sure the right traffic gets through first.


With 3 Classes of QoS to choose from you decide which of your traffic gets end-to-end priority. If you just need simple connectivity between your locations – we’ll provision your network as Basic QoS. However, if you have VOIP or video or other real-time applications, you can choose one or more of the premium QoS levels with your VPN.

   Features and Benefits

  •   Point-to-point or multipoint
  •   Fault-tolerant core network
  •   Low-latency and jitter
  •   QOS options available
  •   Flexible term and bandwidth options
  •    Service scalability